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Welding CM-143

Standard: AWS A5.17 F6A2-EL12 and AWS A5.17 F7A2-EM12K
Camel CM143 submerged arc welding is manufactured using OERLIKON technology on a modern and stable production line.
CM143 is a Fluoride - Calcium - Silicate. In the welding process outside the function of covering the weld protection, the solder also added a suitable amount of Silicon and Manganese to improve the welding properties.
Welding CM143 when welding produces less slag, reducing the consumption.
Can be solder DC or AC power and allow high speed welding, good solder shape, stable arc and slag easy to remove.
CM143 solder is fired at temperatures above 850OC, thus eliminating the molecular water to ensure that the welds are not porous, the residual hydrocarbon content in the low weld to give the welds high ductility.

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