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Located in Hai Phong City - VietNam

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Our company specializes in supplying: Welding materials, abrasives stones, industrial cutters of well-known brands in the domestic and international market such as Viet Duc welding electrodes, Kim Tin, Huu Nghi, Hyundai, Criswell.

With nearly 20 years of experience, our company is a leading supplier of welding materials and abrasives stones in Hai Phong, Quang Ninh, Nam Dinh and Thai Binh. Our company is the main suppliers in some companies such as Lilama 69-2, Navy X46 shipbuilding, Bach Dang Shipbuilding, Northern Chinfon Steel, Viet Y Steel, Tien Phong Plastic, Mao Khe Coal Corporation, colleges, intermediate vocational schools, agencies, enterprises, mechanical workshops, wholesalers, retailers.

The products of our company are extremely diverse, full range of types, sizes, suitable for various requirements such as:

+ Household rods
+ Over medium, high pressure, iand mported rods
+ Construction rods
+ Group of specialized rods, high technical requirements
+ Welding wire and welding frugs
+ Porcelain lined welding
+ Cutting stone (stone 100, 125, 150, 180, 305, 355, 405)
+ Bavia Stones (100, 125, 150, 180)
+ Industrial grinding stone, silicon stone V1, V3 ...
+ Stone bowls, sawing, sanding (A60, A80), knife sharpening ...
+ ..v..vv ...
(100% always available)

We guarantee genuine products, clear origin, full invoice voucher with most competitive price.
Delivering to the customers with the right size and models' requirements in the fastest time with flexible customer service.

Company Name Truong Son Trading JSC
Address 2C Phan Dinh Phung, Ha Ly Ward
District Hong Bang
Province/City Hai Phong City
Country VietNam
Phone Number 0906 144 183
Fax 0225 382 0234
Website -
Tax Number 200607024
Legal Representative Vu Hong Phong
Registration Date 17/12/2004
Legal Structure Joint Stock Company

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Products of the company

GG.33-VD welding rod

GG.33-VD is a graphite-coated electrodes. Stable, low explosive.
Suitable for welding cast iron structures such as: machine platform, engine stand, housing, engine cover ...
After welding high hardness, machining can be done.

Kiswel Welding K-7018

AWS A5.1 : E7018

EN ISO 2560-A : E 42 3 B 32 H10

EN ISO 2560-B : E 49 18 A U H10

JIS Z3211 : E4918

KS D7006 : E5016

Welding CM-143

Standard: AWS A5.17 F6A2-EL12 and AWS A5.17 F7A2-EM12K
Camel CM143 submerged arc welding is manufactured using OERLIKON technology on a modern and stable production line.
CM143 is a Fluoride - Calcium - Silicate. In the welding process outside the function of covering the weld protection, the solder also added a suitable amount of Silicon and Manganese to improve the welding properties.
Welding CM143 when welding produces less slag, reducing the consumption.
Can be solder DC or AC power and allow high speed welding, good solder shape, stable arc and slag easy to remove.
CM143 solder is fired at temperatures above 850OC, thus eliminating the molecular water to ensure that the welds are not porous, the residual hydrocarbon content in the low weld to give the welds high ductility.

Hyundai SM-70G welding wire

  • Model: SM-70G
  • Chemical composition:
  • C: 0.05%, Si: 0.82%, Mn: 1.53%, P: 0.013%, S: 0.010%
  • Wire diameter: 1.2mm1.4mm 1.6mm
  • Standard:
  • AWS: A5.18 / ASME SFA5.18 ER70S-6
  • JIS: Z3312 YGW12
  • ISO 14341-A G 42 4 M 3Si1
  • Manufacturer: Hyundai
  • Made in: Korea

Features and Applications of Hyundai SM-70G Welding Wire
Hyundai SM-70G welding wire for welding steel structures, vehicles, bridges, ships, vehicles.

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