Smart Business Directory

Simple – Convenient – Instant

“Smart Business Directory” is one of the top mobile apps on Business Connection in Vietnam, enabling investors and business owners to advertise to and connect with prospective partners in the industry.

The app allows customers to keep all relevant info up-to-date, and interact with other businesses effectively.


Most notable tools

Most notable tools

  • Built-in AI algorithm analyzes customers’ requirements to give out most suitable suggestions
  • Blockchain technology links up and bi-directionally syncs with customers’ systems
  • OTP , two-tier authentication, and blockchain technologies help reduce information leak and/or theft
  • Innovative AI system prevents information leak even before it happens
  • Visualization of all information about businesses and industrial projects on one single map to help give customers a clearer picture for making their investment decisions
  • province or city, industrial park, etc…enable customers to quickly and effectively find what they are looking for


  • Simple UI which is both user-friendly and easy to use, while still provides a full range of functions optimized for both businesses and investors
  • Complete, accurate, and up-to-date information about businesses, provinces and cities, and investment projects both inside and outside of Vietnam
  • Accessibility from anywhere, any time


  • Connect anywhere, any time with built-in messaging function
  • Fast and simple: Only one touch to connect directly with other businesses


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