Son La Province

Total Area

14174.4 km2


Northern Highland

Industrial Park


Active Enterprises



1,195,107 people (2013)

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Social - Culture
Total Area 14174.4km2
Agricultural Production Land 2865 km2
Forestry Land 6280 km2
Specially Used Land 198 km2
Residential Land 74 km2

North: Yen Bai, Lao Cai.

East: Hoa Binh and Phu Tho.

West: Lai Chau, Dien Bien.

Southern: Thanh Hoa.


Son La, whose climate is subtemperate, has two seasons: the dry and the wet. The average annual temperature is 21.40C, with highs peaking at 270C and lows being 160C. Annual rainfall averages 1,200- 1,600 mm and average humidity is 81%. The number of days with the dry west wind in a year increased to 4.3 in Son La Town and 37.2 in Yen Chau. However, the climate in the plateaus of Moc Chau and Na San is cool, fresh, and advantageous to the development of agriculture and tourism.

Natural Resources

Mineral: Son La has more than 50 mineral mines and pits, many of which are precious mines such as nickel, copper in the Phuc - Muong Khoa mountainous village (Bac Yen); talcum in Ta Phu mountainous village (Moc Chau district); manherit in Phung mountainous village (Mã river); coal inSuối Bàng commune (Moc Chau district) and Quynh Nhai district and other precious minerals such as gold, mercury, iron that can be exploited to develope the mining industry in the near future. Especially with sources of limestone, clay, kaolin with large reserve and good quality,the province has potential to develop industries of  construction materials such as cement, high quality sand, construction stone, adobe brick, paving stones.

Forest resource: Son La has many kind of plants and animals which are very abundant and diverse. Son La Forests have many genetic resources of precious species and special used forests which are valuable for scientific research such as Sop Cop, Xuan Nha (Moc Chau), Ta Xua (Bac Yen), Co Pia (Thuan Chau).

Water resourse: Surface water resources of Son La province is about 19 billion m3, mainly from rainwater stored in two main river systems, namely Da River and Ma River.

  • Da river is derived from Yunnan province (Chinese) with its basin area of 9844 km2 in Son La territory. It flows through Son La on a length of 250 km and the total amount of water flowing to Son La hydropower project is 47,6.109 m3.
  • Ma River originates from Tuan Giao and Dien Bien - Lai Chau. Itpasses through Son La on a length of 93 km and has basin area of about 3,978 km2.
  • Besides the two main river systems, Son La province also has 35 major streams and hundreds of small streams located on steep terrain with many waterfalls.

Land resource: The natural area of Son La province is the 5th biggest among 64 provinces in the country. The land being in use accounts for 39.08%. Fertile soil with thick layers and various types of soil allow the province to develope variety of plants and animals which produce high economic value. The unused land and area of streams, rivers accounts for 60.92%.

Land fund for development of long-term industrial crops such as coffee, tea, fruit trees is 23,520 ha, for pasture to grow livestock is 1,167 ha.

GDP Growth Rate

11.28% (2014)


1,195,107 people (2013)

Population Density

83 person/km2 (2015)

Population By Sex

101.3 males per 100 females

17.30% (2015)

Immigration Rate

0.60% (2015)

Labor Force

17,896 people (2014)

Labor Force At 15 Years Of Age And Above

63.20% (2015)

Unemployment Rate


Major Industries

And hydroelectric power industry, agricultural products processing, feed processing, production of construction materials, mining and deep processing of minerals, garments, footwear, increasing the proportion of goods export industry of deep processing

Annual Average Capital Of Enterprises

30,061 billion dongs (2014)

Net Turnover

18,673 billion dongs (2014)

Profit Before Taxes

400 billion dongs (2014)

Profit Ratio

2.12% (2014)


57.21 (2015) - Rank: 44

Industrial Park Listing
Lang Son Export Processing Zone

Total Area: 126.38m2

Occupancy Rate: 0%

Address: Lang Son, Lang Son

Mai Son Industrial Park

Total Area: 150m2

Occupancy Rate: 0%

Address: Mai Son district, Son La

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Group 2 Branded Ward, City. Son La and Son La



Số nhà 257, Đường Chu Văn Thịnh, Tổ 2, Tô Hiệu Ward, TP. Son La and Son La



Số 447, Đường Trần Huy Liệu, Tiểu khu 12, Thị trấn Mộc Châu, Mộc Châu District, Sơn La



TK 17, Thị trấn Hát Liner, Mai Sơn District, Sơn La



Thuan Chau Town, Thị trấn Thuận Châu, Thuận Châu District, Sơn La



No. 40, Lo Van Gia Street, Chieng Le Ward, TP. Son La and Son La



Số 182, Nguyễn Lương Bằng Street, Quyết Thắng Ward, TP. Son La and Son La



No. 40, Ngo Quyen Street, Group 5, To Hieu Ward, TP. Son La and Son La



-, Muong La District, Son La



Bản Phát, Lóng Sìn Commune, Mộc Châu District, Sơn La



Van Ho Commune, Van Ho Commune, Van Ho District, Son La



02 Red Cross Street, 5 Ward Quyet Thang, TP. Son La and Son La


Roadway:  The roadway system on the whole province is 9,529 km in length, including:

  • Six national roads with total length of 620 km: National highway 6, 37, 43, 279, 32B, 4G;
  • 17 provincial routes with total length of 853 km;
  • 105 district roads with total length of 1.754 km;
  • 1480commune roads with total length of 5792 kms;
  • 238 urban roads with total length of 228kms;
  • Specialized Road include 25 routes with total length of 282 kms;

Inland waterway: The riverway system is 486 km in length:

  • Da river is 416 km in length ( reservoir of Hoa Binh hydroelectric is 230 km in length, reservoir of Son La hydroelectric is 186 km in length).
  • Ma river is 70 km km in length.

Telecommunications network has been upgraded and expanded. At present the mobile phone network covers the whole province, making it very convenient for domestic and international telecommunication by means of telephone orelectronic message. Broadcasting system is gradually modernized. The whole province has 42 TV stations.

Water Supply

There is a water treatment plant in Son La city with capacity of 12,000 m3/day&night; Mai Sơn District water plant with capacity of 4,800 m3/day&night, and a water supply system for towns, residential areas and communes. Currently, a wastewater treatment project in Son La city, a water treatment plant and a waste water treatment project in Moc Chau urban area are under development.

Electric Supply

Son La city and 11/11 districts (204 wards and communes) of Son La province have had access to the national grid system. Son La hydropower project with the largest scale in Southeast Asia is a new opportunity for Son La to outgrow. After completion,this project will create new potential for Son La to intergrate with the economy of the whole country.

People's Committee

To Hieu Ward, Son La City, Son La Province.

Relevant Government Departments
  • Son La Radio and Television Station
  • Department of Education and Training
  • Department of Planning and Investment
  • Son La Culture Centre
  • Department of Information and Communications
Province Son La Province
Headquarter of People's Committee Hoang Quoc Viet Street, Chieng Coi Ward, Son La City, Son La Province
Official Provincial (or City) Website
Ethnic Thai, Kinh, Hmong, Muong, Dao, Kho Mu
Language Vietnamese

Junior secondary education is popularized in 100% of communes. The province has 01 university, 02 colleges, 01 technical and economic high school, 01 art high school and 01 vocational school.

Hospital And Medical Centres

Son La has 5 provincial hospitals, 10 district hospitals, and polyclinics in some centers of commune clusters. All wards and communes have healthcare centers. The rate of hospital beds per ten thousand people is 17.5, and  therate of doctors  per ten thousand people is 5.3.

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