Bac Giang Province

Total Area

3822 km2


Northern Highland

Industrial Park


Active Enterprises



1,624,456 people (2014)

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Social - Culture
Total Area 3822km2
Agricultural Production Land 1230 km2
Forestry Land 1100 km2
Specially Used Land 526 km2
Residential Land 233 km2

Northern border Lang Sơn, Quang Ninh province to the east, to the west of Thai Nguyen and Hanoi, south of Bac Ninh and Hai Duong.


The province has the dominant characteristics of the tropical and temperate climate zone of the northeast area. The climate in the province has been discerned in four distinct seasons - the cold, dry season from November to January; the hot, rainy season from May to July; the warm, humid season from February to April; the temperate season from July to November. 

The annual average humidity is reported to be 83%, of which humidity level in some months is over 85%. Humidity in dry season is in the range of 74% to 80%. The average rainfall is reported to be 1,553 millimeters, with highest rates from April to September. The annual sunny hours of 1,500 to 1,700 hours is good for tropical and subtropical tree cultivation. 

Natural Resources

Land resources: Bac Giang province has natural land area of 382,200 hectares with 123,000 hectares for agriculture, 110,000 hectares for forestry, 66,500 hectares for urban, specially used and housing area and 82,700 hectares for other types.

Water resources: There are three rivers flowing through Bac Giang province called Thuong, Cau and Luc Nam rivers with the total length of 347 kilometers with big discharge and water supply around the year. Water surface, rainwater and groundwater are sufficient for economic sectors and living needs.

Forest resources: Land for forestry in Bac Giang province covers an area of about 146,435.4 hectares including 14.093.3 hectares of specially used forest, 18,879.9 hectares of protective forest and 113,462.2 hectares of production forest. Forests in Bac Giang province play important roles in protection against washout, tube flooding and flash flood, watershed protection and protecting lowlands in the Northern Delta. Forest resource in Bac Giang province has diversified flora with 276 types of wood, 452 types of herbals with high economic and medical values including bassia, nut tree, canarium, fokienia hodginsii, sindora tree, green ironwood, nyatoh tree, morinda officinalis, ganoderma lucidum. In addition, diversified fauna is a precious genetic resource for scientific and medical study mainly in Yen Tu protected areas including big lorinae, black poliocephalus, pangolin, wolf, tibetan bear, cheetah, leopard, giraffe, wild boar, chamois, big flying squirrel, black &white flying squirrel, langur, golden monkey and turtles. 

Mineral resources: Some mines of 15 types of natural resources have been found in Bac Giang province with details as follow:

  • Mineral fuel (coal): in Son Dong, Luc Nam, Yen The and Luc Ngan districts.
  • Mineral metals: iron ore (in Yen The district), copper ore (in Luc Ngan and Son Dong districts), lead and zinc (in Yen The, Lang Giang and Son Dong districts), gold (Yen The and Luc Nam districts) and mercury (in Luc Nam district).
  • Industrial minerals: barite (in Tan Yen, Hiep Hoa and Yen The districts), kaolin (in Yen Dung district), peat coal (in Viet Yen and Luc Nam districts), felspat (in Hiep Hoa district).
  • Construction minerals: clay, brick, tile, sand, boulder, gravel, building stone, anti-fire clay, etc distributed in all districts which is convenient for exploitation and processing to supply for industrial, civil and transportation construction.
GDP Growth Rate

9.6% (2015)


1,624,456 people (2014)

Population Density

426 person/km2 (2015)

16.00% (2015)

Immigration Rate


Labor Force At 15 Years Of Age And Above

62.50% (2015)

Unemployment Rate

4% (2015)

Major Industries
  • Mining Industry
  • Processing industry
  • Manufacturer & PP Electricity, gas, steam
  • Water supply, management and disposal, wastewater
Annual Average Capital Of Enterprises

66,955 billion dongs (2014)

Net Turnover

72,591 billion dongs (2014)

Profit Before Taxes

228 billion dongs (2014)

Profit Ratio

0.31% (2014)


57.61 (2015) - Rank: 40

Industrial Park Listing
Dinh Tram Industrial Park

Total Area: 100m2

Occupancy Rate: 0%

Address: Bac Giang city, Bac Giang province, Viet Nam

Song Khe - Noi Hoang Industrial Park

Total Area: 180m2

Occupancy Rate: 0%

Address: Bac Giang, Viet Nam

Van Trung Industrial Park

Total Area: 425.6m2

Occupancy Rate: 100%

Address: Viet Yen, Bac Giang, Viet Nam

Quang Chau Industrial Park

Total Area: 600m2

Occupancy Rate: 100%

Address: Quang Chau Industrial Park, Quang Chau, Viet Yen, Bac Giang, Vietnam

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No. 21 Nguyen Van Cu street, Ngo Quyen ward, Bac Giang city, Bac Giang



Bình An, Xã Tiền Phong, Yên Dũng District, Bắc Giang



No. 2, Nguyen Thi Luu Street, Tran Phu Ward, Bac Giang City, Bac Giang



Number of houses 12, lane 137 Nguyen Cong Da Street, Tran Nguyen Han Ward, Bac Giang City, Bac Giang Province



Số nhà 17 ngõ 110, Trần Duy Hưng street, Trung Hoà Ward, Cầu Giấy District, Hà Nội City



75, Nguyen Van Cu, Hoang Van Thu,, Bac Giang City, Bac Giang



Duong Hung Vuong - - Bac Giang City - Bac Giang



Thị Trấn Chũ,, Luc Ngan District, Bac Giang



Primary zone 3, Thị trấn Neo,, Yên Dũng District, Bắc Giang



Khu 2, thị trấn Thắng,, Hiệp Hoà District, Bắc Giang



Vòng Huyện, Xã Bố Hạ, Yen The District, Bac Giang



Xóm 6, Xã Việt Tiến, Viet Yen District, Bac Giang


Road network: Road network stretches over a length of 9,866.75 km, including 04 National Roads (namely #1A, #31, #37 and #279) with a total length of 251.8 km, accounting for 2.55%; 18 provincial roads of 411.8 km in length, accounting for 4.17%; district roads of 694.5 km, accounting for 7.04%; commune roads of 2,055.6 km, accounting for 20.83%; urban roads of 281.7 km, accounting for 2.86%.  Besides, there are roads for special use in industrial parks and walk paths on paddy fields.

Inland waterway: There are 03 rivers in the area of Bac Giang province,namely Thương river, Cau river and Luc Nam river with total length of 354 km, of which 222 km is under Central Government’s management, 132 km under local Government’s management. This river system can accommodate vessels of 40MT to 500 MT. The inland riverports, river berths such as A Lu port, port of Ha Bac Neutrogenous Fertilizer and Chemical Plant, Dam berth and Tuan berth, are relatively modern, harmonious, capable for loading, unloading huge quantity of goods. A Lu port with an area of 20,000m2, length of 200m and 02 warehouses of 4,440m2 in area can handle about 250,000 tons of freight per year; specific-purpose port of Ha Bac Neutrogenous Fertilizer and Chemical Plant can handle  about 70-100 thousand tons of goods per year. Besides, there are tens of inland ports and berths of small and medium sizes, contributing to the diversification of transport modes and ease of transport pressure on road network.

Railways: There are two railroads crossing the province area, including Hanoi – Dong Dang, Yen Vien – Ha Long, and 01 international railroad  between Gia Lam (Vietnam) – Nanning (China) over a length of  about 120km with such stations as: Sen Ho, Bac Giang, Pho Trang, Kep, Bao Son, Lan Mau, Bo Ha, Mo Trang, which can transport huge amount of commodity and big number of passengers.

Apart from three railroads under the Central Government’s management, the province has a railroad specifically used for Ha Bac Neutrogenous Fertilizer and Chemical Plant.


Mobile phone and high speed Internet (ADSL) network covers almost all communes in the province. Leased Line service is supplied to centres of districts, city, industrial clusters and condensed residential areas. 100% communes, wards, towns have their own post offices.

Water Supply

The safe water supply system has received adequate investment and is able to supply sufficient water for urban and industrial parks.

Electric Supply

All communes in the province have access to the national grid of 220KV, 110KV, 35KV and 22KV. The Sơn Động 220MW thermo-electric Plant of was already put into operation. The distribution line and the 500kV transformer station of Sơn La-Hiệp Hòa, one of the national key projects have started operation.

People's Council

No. 82 Hung Vuong Street, Bac Giang City, Bac Giang Province.

People's Committee

Hung Vuong, Hoang Van Thu, Bac Giang City, Bac Giang Province.

Relevant Government Departments
  • People's Committee Office of Bac Giang
  • Department of Natural Resources and Environment    
  • Department of Justice                 
  • Department of Foreign Affairs           
  • Department of Home Affairs              
  • Department of Education and Training    
  • Department of Transport                 
  • Department of Construction               
  • Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism  
  • Department of Information and Communications
  • Department of Industry and Trade         
  • Department of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs
  • Department of Health         
  • Department of Finance      
  • Department of Agriculture and Rural Development   
  • Department of Science and Technology
  • Planning and Investment  
  • Department of Ethnic
  • Bac Giang Radio and Television Station
Province Bac Giang Province
Headquarter of People's Committee Hung Vuong, Hoang Van Thu, Bac Giang City, Bac Giang Province.
Official Provincial (or City) Website
Ethnic Kinh, Nung, Tay, San Chay, San Diu, Hoa, Dao
Language Vietnamese

IAO education and training continues to grow. Network of reasonable layout, ensuring each commune has 03 full school (preschool, primary, junior high school); the national standard rate of 80%, exceeding the set target.

100% of the staff, teachers were qualified and above standard.

Business universal preschool education for children 5 years old completed a year ago against the plan; universal primary education at the right age level 2 reached 70.8% of communes (up 56.5% compared to 2010).

Education - training to maintain the position in the group of 15 provinces and cities nationwide leader; excellent student competition national culture 12th 2015 in the number of solutions, ranked No.9 on quality solutions and always in position 1 to 3 regional competitions, nationally.

Science And Technology

Study model domestic water filtration in Yen Dung.

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