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In 2010, Thai Ha Trading and Services Company exploited the land in Hiep Son, Kinh Mon and Hai Duong communes with a land area of ​​6.3 ha and a total area of ​​666 hectares. Hiep Son urban area is located in the center of Kinh Mon town - a key economic hub of the province and the town. The urban area is planned to provide a variety of housing options to meet the different needs of customers.
From 2013 to 2015, the company will continue to implement and complete the real estate project, renovating the May plant into a 1-hectare urban area at 120 Chi Lang, p. Nguyen Trai, Ocean. Although the project is not too large in terms of area, but has partly solved the demand for land and housing of the city residents. Urban planning at this location also responds appropriately to the policy of Hai Duong province to move factories and industrial parks out of the city.
In 2014, the company is implementing the project of planning and construction of urban area at 314 Dien Bien Phu, Hai Duong replaced the location of Hai Duong sandstone factory.

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