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Furniweb Group started operations in 1987 in Malaysia producing covered elastic yarn and furniture webbing. The Group has since expanded across borders and created new markets for its niche products in the textile and apparel, furniture, automotive, food packaging, agriculture and medical industries.

Supported by a dedicated research and development team, the Group has been able to deliver competitive and innovative quality products that meet the high expectations and requirements of its customer worldwide.

The Group takes pride in its tradition of excellence in product innovation, uncompromising quality and unparalleled customer service; as evidence in the continuous support from a loyal customer base developed over the years.

Company Name Trunet Viet Nam Co.,Ltd
Category Textile, Yarn, Woven Fabrics
Address 18 St. 3A
District Bien Hoa
Province/City Dong Nai Province
Country VietNam
Phone Number 0251 383 2742
Fax 0251 383 3090
Tax Number 3602280906
Legal Representative Rangith Jinadasa
Registration Date 14/04/2010
Legal Structure Limited Liability Company

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Dong Nai Province

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123 - 250 m²


Nhơn Trạch, Đồng Nai


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70 USD/m2/38 year


28,000 m² - 130,864 m²


Nhơn Trạch, Đồng Nai


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Rope, Cordage, Twine, Tire Cord, and Tire Fabric Mills


Tire Cord and Fabrics


Cordage and Twine


Manufacture of cordage, rope, twine and netting

Products of the company

Covered Elastic Yarn

Our rangeincludes:  
  • Rubber Gauges :
    from 20 Gauge to 110 Gauge using polyester, nylon or cotton yarn.
  • Spandex :
    from 20 Denier to 1120 Denier, single or double covering.
  • Usage of special food grade rubber threads and yarn complying to standard industrial standards and superior quality yarn like Du Pont Lycra®.
  • Elongation/TPM and color is as per customer requirements.

Air-Jet covering yarn consists of Spandex yarn covered with polyester, nylon, cotton and other yarn using Air-Jet technology. Its primary application is in the production of stretch woven fabrics

Furniture Webbing

The advantages of webbing over springs are in terms of costs and ease of installation. The stretch or elongation aspects of our webbing range from around 10% to 100% and the widths available are up to 120mm. For back areas of sofas, higher elongation webbing are used (from 90& to 100%) while for seat areas, the lower stretch webbing (from 10% to 80%) are used. The trend is towards wider width webbing (from 60mm to 80mm) instead of the 50mm. This is mainly due to seating comfort and wider widths mean lesser material used.

  Our furniture webbing range covers :  
  • Stretch Elongation ranging between 10% - 100%.
  • Widths ranging from 20mm up to 120mm.

Industrial and Safety Webbing

  • 100% polyester yarn.
  • Width up to 55mm.
  • Color and lining will be as per customer requirement
  • 100% polyester yarn.
  • Width up to 23mm.
  • Breaking load up to 1,450kgf.
    Single or double layer
  • 100% polypropylene yarn.
  • Width up to 100mm.
  • Breaking load up to 3,000 kgf.
    UV Stabilizer as per customer requirement




Seatbelt Webbings

  Our range includes :  

1. Normal Seat Belt Webbing

  • 100% polyester yarn.
  • Width up to 50mm.
  • Breaking load up to 3,400 kgf.
  • Elongation as per customer requirement.
  • Complying standards with MS1154(1989), JIS D 4604(1995), AS 1753(1990) and ECE R16.

2. Child Seat Webbing

  • 100% polyester yarn.
  • Width up to 38mm.
  • Breaking load up to 1,355kgf.
  • Complying standards with MS594(1995), JIS D 0401(1990), JIS D 4604(1995) and AS 1753(1990).

Meat Netting

  Our range includes :  

1. Classic Extra/Magna Econet
The 'Classic' range of nets has now become the industry standard. It is ideal for roast beef such as silverside, roast turkey breast, and any product that requires minimum compression. The attractive large squares enhance the look of the product, and where more shape control is needed, then the 'Extra' range gives 25% more compression.

The 'Econet' and 'Magna' range of nets were developed in response to customer demand for a net with moderate compressive strength, mostly for use with price sensitive pork and cured pork products. The are usually manufactured in the 'multi-square' format, in order to make it easier for the processor to strip off the net after cooking.

2. Q-net/Bacon-net/Omega-net
'Q-NET' , a knitted stockinet, is elasticated, to ensure firm control. It is very versatile, and is used with many products ranging from whole muscle to thick emulsions. When used with whole muscle it provides good shape, high yields, while still maintaining the popular 'natural' shape. Smoke penetration is good. If liquid smoke is used, immersing the Q-Net in the liquid allows for deeper color when required.

'Bacon Net' was developed as an attractive way to present raw bacon. It provides good control, and is suitable for products that will be boiled by the consumer. Only the red latex rings are visible thus enhancing eye-appeal of the product.

'Omega Net' is another product that has been developed to enhance the attractive presentation of the product. It is therefore particularly suited to products that will be offered to the consumer, ready netted. It is made to withstand roasting temperatures

3. Super Micromesh/Two-chain
'Super' net is frequently used for stuffed rolled products, such as stuffed turkey breast, or small ham rolls. However this versatile net can also be used for whole muscle products, where it provides good shape control and uniformity for slicing yield.

'Super Plus' is just over 7% stronger, and therefore exerts greater control. It is an attractive net, and can also be used to present raw bone-out pork joints, directly on the supermarket shelves.

'Micromesh' This premier quality product, in the larger sizes, is still the market leader in cooked meat applications such as special occasion hams, where uniformity and good presentation are vital. In smaller sizes, micromesh is used for cassler and pork rolls. In most cases, the net is removed by the processor before going to the retailer or consumer.
'Two-Chain' net has the same compressive strength as Micromesh, but fewer squares. It therefore allows more of the product to show through the net, and gives a very attractive finish to the product.

4. Quickstrip/HDL Net
'Quickstrip' Trunet's New unique 3 D structured net that eliminates net distortion during loading, ensuring regular, even imprints on the product. This gives superior presentation of both cooked and uncooked product.

Trunet's all new 'HDL' netting is manufactured with a side seam separate from the main tube of elasticated netting. This seam sits away from the product and thus presents an immediate starting handle for the cutting knife, enabling the net to be easily removed. 


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