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For over 20 years in Vietnam, CAESAR SANITARY WARE has been producing sanitary ware adhering to user friendly and environmental sustainability, while commits to business growth and social responsibility.

Nowadays, CAESAR has become top three leading manufacturer of sanitary ware in Vietnam as a result of successful brand building and rapid sales growth with production capacity steadily growing over 1 million pieces annually.

 CAESAR constantly evolves manufacturing practices and applies advanced technology from Europe complying with CNS standards. CAESAR consistently leads the way in design, quality and functionality of sanitary ware, providing enjoyable bathroom experience to customers like no one else.

With the capability to develops and produces complete product lines of bathroom porcelain, faucet and bathtub, we have the ability to provide one-stop shop to our customers and to create our core competency.

While we understand customers want products that have great design and energy efficiency , we concentrate on creating a more enjoyable and greener bathroom experience through products that infuse contemporary lines with substance, optimize water conservation by allowing water, a precious resource, to be used sparingly in our products, provide consistent and exceptional performance to our customers and to our mother earth.After years of experience, we are committed to providing customers great products with perfect balance of design, quality and functionality. CAESAR is Pure in Simplicity.

Company Name Caesar Vietnam JSC
Category Ceramic
Address Road 319
District Nhon Trach
Province/City Dong Nai Province
Country VietNam
Phone Number 0251 356 9090
Fax 0251 356 9191
Website -
Tax Number 3600253375
Legal Representative Pavid Chen ~ Hsiao Chun Hsiang
Registration Date 20/03/1996
Legal Structure Limited Liability Company

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Dong Nai Province

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20 - 25 million/ m²


123 - 250 m²


Nhơn Trạch, Đồng Nai


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70 USD/m2/38 year


28,000 m² - 130,864 m²


Nhơn Trạch, Đồng Nai


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Products of the company

Yu Caesar toilet wash digit

u Caesar toilet wash digit 
color white 
flushing a high-pressure jet tornadoes 
flushing water 4.5-6 liters 
Water pressure range 2 -7.5 kgf / cm² 
drainage core CA1380 / 30CM 
Accessories BF508, caulks 
This product won the "Nano antibacterial standard Chapter "and" nano stain mark "dual certification.

Construction methods: dry construction method


storage capacity: 8 liters

This product won the "Nano antibacterial mark" and "Nano stain mark" dual certification.

Hole basin mixer

H: 13cm H1: 8cm L: 9cm

* Swiss imported NEOPERL bubbler water-saving, 
water does not splash dense supple

Hydromassage bath

Size: 183 × 105 × 64cm ± 2cm 
Power: 1HP use 110V / 60Hz power supply 
water capacity: 47 gallons 
accessories: chrome sprinklers, automatic head fell into the water, four-piece bath faucet


■ This bath containing four formula bath leader, leading the case because he can not be replaced with a standard type

8 '' dual-use retractable movable magnifying glass

When you expand 46 cm

Do not use acid daily cleaning mirror or glass cleaner, only to dip a sponge to clean water. 
Bathrooms kept wet and dry separation, avoid moisture, increase service life

Four dryer

DF140 (wire type) 
control box size: 123.5x120x7mm

DF240 (wireless remote control type) 
control box size: 74x175x18.4mm

DF140, DF240 Specifications 
Voltage: AC110V / 60HZ be equipped with dedicated loop 
power: AC110V: 1350W AC220V: 2400W (without external illumination) 
Panel size: 362 × 362mm 
dimensions: 300 × 300mm height above 200mm 
amperage: 12.3A (110V) , 10.9A (220V production orders) 
exhaust diameter: 4 "(100mm) 
applicable number of floors: 1-1.5 Ping

Common explanation 
DF120, DF130 models for the separation of hot and cold dual-motor high efficiency, high performance, low noise. DF140, DF240 models for the single motor cooling and heating switch.

The PTC ceramic heater safety design.

CNS safety certification through, ISO 9001 international certification.

LCD monitors use LED backlight for night setting.

Eight safety protection device design.

The controller must be installed outside the bathroom (box straight 2P reserve).

DF120, DF130, DF140, DF240 using firewood ABS base, sturdy and durable.

Aircraft control wire length is 7m. Do not pull the control lines, cut or extended, so as not to affect the transmission quality and cause a malfunction. (Can be ordered up to 15m, DF100-11 control line 15m)

DF130, DF140, DF240 body panel "function identification lights." Use LED light board, different functions with different colors to easily identify the function, operation while adding colors, can also support the use of lights at night.

Wide outlet, rapid thermal effects serve on every corner.

Removable filter design to facilitate cleaning and maintenance, effective help you to check the air dust mites.

Control panel: 
DF120, DF140 use the touch interface. 
DF130, DF240 using touchtone interface.

Built-in external lighting function, can switch the bathroom light on the controller.

This product uses a dedicated switch without fuse 20A independent circuits, can not be shared with other appliances.

This product need to use 2.0 single line, multi-core wires should never be used.

DF130, DF240 type wireless remote control, the controller uses two No. 4 alkaline batteries.

220V ordering producer prices with 110V.

Function Control Box

Ventilatory function 
moisture, smell no longer produce.Ventilatory function continuous 24-hour operation, ventilation strong and weak two options. Reduce moisture, odors, prevent mold production. When time setting operation mode 888 mode is 24H.

Cool function 
summer bathroom feel cool. Stuffy air in the summer, opened the cool features make bathing more comfortable. Cool summer election to dry clothes can save power.

Conservatory features 
winter is no longer cold shower. Heater functional bathroom immediately warm winter, so that the elderly, hypertension, adults and children bathing comfort can be dispensed with traditional electric heat inconvenient and dangerous.

Drying function 
bathroom immediately relaxed, comfortable. Rain, winter and other seasons, circulating hot air drying the laundry quickly. (1.5 bathroom floor drying time is about 3-4 hours)

Appointment to determine 
in this mode, previously set appointment time setting is completed, press the mode to be selected, and you want to run time, when the press after the completion of a reservation button to complete the set reservation mode.

at the set time has 0.5H, 1H, 2H, 3H, 4H, 5H, 8H and other seven time setting on the LCD monitor can see the current set time and operation time remaining.


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