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We understand that the demand of customers with the increasing demand for quality services, progress of transport, management and monitoring of shipments in real time. Especially the problem of safeguarding goods in the process of transportation. With special shipments we can provide Username so customers can track their shipments themselves.
With the property perspective, partner goods are their own assets. We have selected the production model of centralized transportation, operating and managing the route with the cursor monitoring equipment according to national standards. Our company always improve the quality of service: Since March 2010 has installed the cruise control equipment in accordance with national standards for all vehicles involved in transportation; Since October 2011 has implemented the process of stamping the goods in container; Increase the number of car oil to 70 head; 100% of CNLX has been contracted long term. The company has been well committed to the contract of carriage of goods under the contract year with many partners at home and abroad, especially partners with large quantities of goods, high value as the company, Group Apparel, electronics, consumer goods.
The scope of bus transportation business of the company mainly on the routes from two ports Hai Phong, Cai Lan to the provinces and vice versa. At present, our company is the transporter of the type: "Five packages" for many companies, factories with very high quality service requirements, import and export goods are very large, fully meet The strict conditions of the Group with 100% foreign capital. The company has more than 40 years of operation in the field of freight forwarding, especially the import and export of containers and other services such as import and export services, quarantine services, customs package.
If your company is in need of transporting goods, especially the need to transport high value goods packed in containers. Please contact us. We always want to bring your service to meet the needs of your company. Wish you more and more development.

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