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Give your colored clothes a reason to Smile!

AXO Color safe Bleach keeps clothes bright and brand-new-looking!

AXO Colorsafe Bleach has a color safe and fast-acting formula which removes mud & food stains, dirt & tough stains without damaging colored clothes and fabrics. It leaves your clothes with a fragrant sweet-smelling scent.

How to Use Axo to effectively keep your colored clothes brighter and brand new looking!

Use Axo colorsafe bleach during normal washing

  1. Add a capful of Axo Colorsafe Bleach with your detergent in wash water
  2. Wash as usual
  3. Add more of Axo Colorsafe Bleach for large loads and heavy soils.

Use Axo colorsafe bleach to pretreat your clothes

  1. Apply Axo colorsafe bleach directly on stain as soon as possible
  2. Rub gently
  3. Let stand for 5 minutes
  4. Wash as usual

Use Axo colorsafe bleach to soak in soiled colored clothes and boost the performance of your detergent.

  1. Add a capful of Axo Colorsafe Bleach for every 3-4 liters of water
  2. Soak colored clothes for 1 hour
  3. Wash as usual
  4. White clothes could be soaked overnight or longer before washing

Our Collection:

Axo colorsafe bleach is available in Blossom Pink, Fresh Blue, Pine Green, Spring Lavender, Clear Breeze for Sensitive Skin

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Is Axo Colorsafe Bleach really safe to use for colored clothes? Won’t the colors be affected?
    Yes, Axo Colorsafe Bleach is safe for coloreds. Axo is an oxygen bleach, which has a milder formulation, making it gentle and safe for colored fabrics. It’s colorsafe and fast-acting formula enables it to remove tough stains like grease, make-up, juice and chocolate, while keeping colored clothes bright and brand-ne-looking. Axo Colorsafe Bleach may also be used to boost the performance of your detergent, especially during soaking.
  2. How is Axo Color-safe Bleach different from Regular Bleach?

    Axo color-safe bleach can be used on your colored clothes and has a mild and pleasant smell.

  3. Can we use Axo Color-safe Bleach on white Clothes as well?

    Yes, Axo colo-safe bleach can also be used to remove stains on your white clothes

  4. Can I mix Axo color safe bleach with Zonrox regular bleach?

    No, it is not advisable to mix Zonrox Regular Bleach and Axo Colorsafe Bleach because of its different formulation. Zonrox regular bleach is a chlorine bleach, while Axo Colorsafe Bleach is an oxygen bleach. Mixing the two will dilute and weaken the efficacy of both products.

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