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Automobile Transport Joint Stock Company No1 was formerly Cargo Enterprise 4, was established on 5/20/1969 from the merger of the convoy 16,38,42,44,46 and Studio X3 with import duty draw in Hai Phong and Quang Ninh served the resistance against American and socialist construction. Over 40 years of construction and development, however, go through each stage of history have different names: Cargo Enterprise No. 4, Automobil Transport Enterprise No. 1, Automobil Transport Company No1, Automobile Transport Joint Stock Company No1, but under the leadership of the lead generation company periods are to fulfill their assigned tasks, the State, the Government, the Ministry of Transport, General Vietnamese Automobile Industry Corporation recognized and received many honors, certificates of merit, merit as: Emulation Flag of the Government and the merit of the Ministry of Transport, merit of the Vietnam General Confederation of Labour ... etc.

March / 2006 company ownership transformation of SOEs into joint stock companies. After seven years of operating under the new model, the company is growing strong, diversified industries, confirmed the brand to meet customer demands for quality services, safe goods.

With the motto of sustainable cooperation, mutual development, we wish to bring their services to satisfy transportation needs of our customers. Wishing you ever growing customers

Company Name Automobile Transport JSC No1
Alias ATC No1
Category Logistics
Address No. 150, Zone 2, Quan Toan Ward
District Hong Bang
Province/City Hai Phong City
Country VietNam
Phone Number 0225 385 0169
Fax 0225 353 4551
Tax Number 200105546
Legal Representative Le Van Minh
Registration Date 18/09/1998
Legal Structure Joint Stock Company

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Products of the company

Train driving motorcycles, cars

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Nam Son Vocational Training Center was established in 2007 with the task of training drivers of all grades and motorcycles of A1 class. After 5 years of construction and development, the Center has trained and tested driving B2 cars with the number of 7940 students. Class C, Fc with 2823 students. Grade A1 with 22,644 trainees. Has created the brand Nam Son driving skills loved in Hai Phong and neighboring provinces.
With the motto "All for the learners", the center attaches great importance to building a contingent of professional, enthusiastic and caring teachers with years of safe driving, graduated from universities, colleges and intermediate vocational schools. Art. 100% of teachers have graduated from vocational training courses and certificates of driving instructor certification. At the same time, the Center invests in over 100 practice vehicles (all of which are innovative, under 15 years of age), along with a system of classrooms and training ground to ensure the best conditions for learners.
In order to meet the trust of our trainees, we always innovate, improve the quality of teaching, invest in modern equipment for learning, to fulfill the motto "every learner one car, one teacher. " Assist learners with standard driving skills, grasp technical standards of vehicles, understand road traffic laws, have professional ethics to ensure safety when joining. Communication to bring happiness to everyone. The Center continuously launches courses of driving cars, motorcycles in the month (ensuring students do not have to wait)
With the results achieved Nam Son Vocational Training Center has been highly appreciated by the Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, Hai Phong Department of Transport.
Come to Nam Son Vocational Training Center with confidence - comfort and convenience. Please send directly to the address: No. 150 zone 2 - Quan Toan - Hong Bang - Hai Phong.

Transportation of goods

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We understand that the demand of customers with the increasing demand for quality services, progress of transport, management and monitoring of shipments in real time. Especially the problem of safeguarding goods in the process of transportation. With special shipments we can provide Username so customers can track their shipments themselves.
With the property perspective, partner goods are their own assets. We have selected the production model of centralized transportation, operating and managing the route with the cursor monitoring equipment according to national standards. Our company always improve the quality of service: Since March 2010 has installed the cruise control equipment in accordance with national standards for all vehicles involved in transportation; Since October 2011 has implemented the process of stamping the goods in container; Increase the number of car oil to 70 head; 100% of CNLX has been contracted long term. The company has been well committed to the contract of carriage of goods under the contract year with many partners at home and abroad, especially partners with large quantities of goods, high value as the company, Group Apparel, electronics, consumer goods.
The scope of bus transportation business of the company mainly on the routes from two ports Hai Phong, Cai Lan to the provinces and vice versa. At present, our company is the transporter of the type: "Five packages" for many companies, factories with very high quality service requirements, import and export goods are very large, fully meet The strict conditions of the Group with 100% foreign capital. The company has more than 40 years of operation in the field of freight forwarding, especially the import and export of containers and other services such as import and export services, quarantine services, customs package.
If your company is in need of transporting goods, especially the need to transport high value goods packed in containers. Please contact us. We always want to bring your service to meet the needs of your company. Wish you more and more development.

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