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Binh Vinh Joint Stock Company was formerly known as Binh Vinh II Co., Ltd, which was established on 01/08/1996 and registered business No. 042356 by the Department of Planning and Investment of Da Nang City on 11/06/1998.

Since its founding, Binh Vinh was only a private enterprise which operated in the field of commerce, mainly distributed Coca-Cola. Throughout the process of business operation, exploring the market and identifying the growing demand of consumers in central Vietnam, especially foods and consumer goods, the Company Director grasped this opportunity. The Director and other members join together to establish Binh Vinh Joint Stock Company with a broad business scope, diversified business lines and product categories. Binh Vinh Joint Stock Company was born with the participation of capital of 5 members, headed by a Director appointed by the members of the Board.

Binh Vinh Joint Stock Company is a reliable and dynamic partner of a large number of companies and factories in the country and abroad, mainly distributing food and consumer goods such as Coca-Cola, Heineken beer, Tiger beer, Nestle, Ariston, Wonderfarm and others. These products are easy to change quality without good preservation, so after Binh Vinh Joint Stock Company was born, the company leaders proceeded to build the warehouses system and yards which has been built with modern equipment and facilities: moisture-proof, heat-resistant, ensuring hygiene and safety for goods and safety for labors. At the same time, the company has used the warehouse system which is available for business when the customers need.

The company has the policy to reduce unnecessary expenses, rationalize the warehouse and yards, reduce production costs and save time, materials and fuel, so in early July 1998, the Board organize the meeting and decided to expand business activities in the transportation field, business equipment and spare parts for automobiles and car repair. The expansion of the Company's business activities into the transport sector has served as a bridge which has linked and actively supported the distribution business to form a closed business cycle that was perfect.

Company Name Binh Vinh II JSC
Alias Binh Vinh corp.
Category Services, Logistics
Address Block U4, Road 10B, Hoa Khanh Bac Ward
District Lien Chieu
Province/City Da Nang City
Country VietNam
Industrial Park Hoa Khanh Industrial Park
Phone Number 0236 653 3686
Tax Number 400603309
Legal Representative Pham Bac Binh
Registration Date 29/01/2008
Legal Structure Joint Stock Company

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Products of the company


In recent years the name Binh Vinh has become familiar with the business community of Danang, the Central as well as many domestic and foreign enterprises ... By the rapid development, Binh Vinh Corporation has confirmed the position Its on the market. Awarded the "Gold Quality" by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the "Gold Star Award", Certificate of Merit of the City People's Committee and the title "Typical Businessman" to the General Director of the Company for many years.
With the goal of "FOR COMMUNITY HEALTH", in 2004, when expanding into the bottled drinking water sector, the Company invested a synchronous and modern production line with US technology under the brand name. Pure drinking water BIWA.
Binh Vinh Food Joint Stock Company's BIWA was awarded Certificate of Merit by the Ministry of Health and Quatest 2 of the General Department of Standardization, Metrology and Quality, granted the certificate of conformity with standard 6096: 2010. In particular, BIWA has been certified by the UK's leading international organization Bureau Veritas Certification for ISO 22000: 2005 certification. This is the first bottled drinking water of Danang to achieve the highest certification in the food industry. This proud achievement is rooted in the spirit of the leader, the determination of the staff members always strive for the ultimate goal of "FOR COMMUNITY HEALTH". This is a measure of the dynamics of a business that has been anticipating the trend of the market direction is right with the right solution.
However, with its quality, the pure water product of BIWA has gradually become popular in the market in and outside of Da Nang city. Sales volume has been increasing continuously over the years. Currently, on average, the unit produces and sells 50,000 bottles of 20 liters. Provide regular drinking water to many agencies, hotels, restaurants and many families.
Specific evidence for product quality and service quality is the list of customers that the company has conquered with the famous names such as Central Power Corporation, Department of Science and Technology Da Nang, Da Nang Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Center for Standards, Metrology and Quality 2, Toyota Da Nang Enterprise, FPT Telecom Joint Stock Company, Saigon Commercial Joint Stock Bank, Prosperity Bank (VPBank), Viettel Telecom Corporation, Sunrises Resort - Hoi An, VietjetAir ... and thousands of agencies, hotels, restaurants and other households.
One of the secrets to creating the flavor of the beverage is pure water. The BIWA is directly exploited from the reef, at a depth of over 60 meters, ensuring the stability and completeness of the required micro and macro minerals. Water is then passed to the main systems such as softening, filtration by RO reverse osmosis systems and ozone sterilization to give the product the perfect purity ....
With a modern system of workshops. The cleaning area of ​​the tank, the treatment area and the extraction of water are strictly controlled QC staff. From the protective equipment to the staff to the filling area is completely sterilized by ultraviolet ray to ensure the work environment is always hygienic.
Highlights of the production line of pure water BIWA of Binh Vinh Joint Stock Company is high capacity and ensure the criteria of food hygiene and safety. In order to achieve this, the company has continuously invested in and improved its line system, modern laboratory such as: microscope system, microbiological screening equipment, opaque, solid, color and odor ..., as well as working environment of employees in the factory ...
The difference of the production process of pure drinking water BIWA compared to many production facilities in and outside the city of Da Nang today not only through modern production technology, but also reflects the sense of responsibility of the company. with its products. Therefore, BIWA has conquered the consumer not only by quality but also by caring customer care system, thoughtful.


Ability to provide customers with demand for warehouse rental from 400 m2 -> up to 2,500 m2. Applying the best rates for customers using warehouse services in a closed process (Responsible for managing goods, transporting goods). Equipped with camera system and fire protection equipment.


In recent years the name Binh Vinh has become familiar with the business community of Danang, Central and many domestic and foreign enterprises.
Binh Vinh's strategic objective is quality of service. This is also an important criterion in the period of international economic integration. Therefore, the Company develops and applies the international quality management system in all areas of operation. Through this, the authorities have been certified ISO 9001: 2008. With these efforts, Binh Vinh has conquered many customers demanding high quality transport services, warehouses. These are also leading companies in Vietnam such as Coca Cola, HeniKen beer, Tiger beer, Nestle, Ariston, Wonderfarm, ...
With more than 350 trucks of all kinds, Binh Vinh Company takes the majority of the products of Vietnamese beer companies, Fosters Beer, Coca Co la, Avon cosmetics, Total, Shell, ICI paint to all. countryside ... With the system of warehouse quality, Binh Vinh is always the place to trust customers to send their products ...
The transport partners of the company are famous brands all over the world, have been present in most countries, and have long-term investment in Vietnam, in addition to the thickness of cooperation. Over the past 15 years, the company has practically adapted to the working style of each partner to develop long-term and sustainable. The company's transportation operations are carried out in all three regions of North-Central-South, mainly transported to companies

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